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Bright future for Järva DGP

For some years the future of Järva DiscGolfPark has been uncertain. This has been due to a cemetery that has been planned to be built on the site. The struggle to alter the cemetery plans through appeals and petitions has lasted for years but recently we received great news: the cemetery will be built elsewhere with 99% certainty. Many disc golfers sighed in relief, foremost Mats Löf, owner of Järva DGP, who couldn’t have hoped for a better christmas gift or a start for a new year. The future of disc golf in Järva is now brighter than ever as its status is no longer endangered. It’s probably needless to say that the whole European Masters organization is also extremely happy with the knowledge of the course’s preservation. The plan to make European Masters a biennial tradition in Järva DGP is no longer shadowed by the plans to build something else on the location in the near future.

The news were brought by a Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, on December 21st. The primary reason for the altered cemetery plans was to preserve the water quality of the brook “Igelbäcken” that runs through the valleys and fields of Järva. The water quality of the brook would likely suffer if the cemetery would be built on the site of the disc golf course. The brook is actually a home to a rare fish, Stone loach (Grönling), which is kind of a symbol for the area. In 2006 the city of Stockholm founded the Igelbäcken culture reserve to preserve the agricultural landscape that surrounds the brook. Other significant factor for the modified plans are costs. The hill that is the focal point of Järva DGP is an old dump that has been landscaped and its soil is not optimal for a cemetery. The expenses of the cemetery would soar because of this. The article also mentions one other factor, the unwillingness of the disc golf course to move out from the site.

Unfortunately the article was published only in paper edition of the newspaper and is not available online. Thanks to Mats Löf, a scanned copy of article is available here, but only in Swedish.