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Getting there

The tournament center, Villa Albastro, is the core of the event. The address is: Akallalänken 10, 164 74 Kista.

By car
Visitors should use the parking lot right next to the road, close to hole 14. There’s an Info gate at the driveway of Järva DGP. The staff of the Info gate will guide you to the nearest vacant parking spot if the primary lot is full. The course map comes in handy for locating the parking lots too.

Public transportation
Underground (Tunnelbana or just T-bana) is the easiest way to get to Järva. The underground blue line no.10 from Stockholm T-central to the terminus Hjulsta takes about 20 minutes to go. From Hjulsta station is a walk of 10 minutes to the course. The T-bana station walking route from the station to the tournament center are shown on the map below.

You can easily check the schedules and prices from Stockholm public transportation trip planner.

Enlarge European Masters 2014 map to full screen.