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Behind the Masters

After the announcement of the European Masters, there has been some confusion in social media regarding the title of the event. We want to be clear that the European Masters is not an event for the PDGA Masters categories, but rather the field will be consisted of Male Pro Open (MPO) and Female Pro Open (FPO) players. Masters categories players are of course more than welcome to participate in the tournament. The etymology of the name comes from well-established sports, from which the structure of separate Major events has been adapted to Disc Golf. Many of our readers are familiar with US Masters – very possibly the most prestigious event in Pro Golf, competed solely in open & amateur divisions. This tournament has been the primary inspiration for the European Masters.

In other sports, “Masters” tournaments are commonly considered highly esteemed major tournaments with a coveted champion title sought by the top players of the given sport. These exceptional tournaments also have avid fans everywhere. This is essentially what we seek to achieve with our events – to create spectacles what will be lasting experiences for all those who are involved in them. Our goal is also to spread the word about our great sport beyond the current disc golf community. Growth of disc golf requires catching the interest of those who are not yet aware of the sport. One of our ways to contribute to the growth of the sport are our events.

As tournament organizers, we always seek to push the envelope to expand the disc golf community’s perception of all the things that make a great disc golf tournament. The word “perfection” has been used to describe the venue of The US Masters, which offers one of the most spectacular experiences for a golfer who is lucky enough to get a chance to compete there. Järva DiscGolfPark as a venue is very close to perfection and it deserves a befitting event that builds on the renown course and its history.

We strongly believe this tournament is a classic in the making. Some years from now, when the tournament has grown into a huge international spectacle parallel to those of currently more popular sports, only the ones who were there the first time get to say they’ve been there since the beginning. With that in mind – See you in July!