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European Masters 2016 Part of the Disc Golf World Tour

As part of the Disc Golf World Tour, now works as the main information platform for the European Masters. Click here to go to the European Masters event page on the Disc Golf World Tour website.

The 2016 serves as a turning point in the sport of disc golf. Probably the most notable change of pace is the creation of a new international tour. Discmania CEO, Jussi Meresmaa, who is the head of the European Masters organization announced the formation of Disc Golf World Tour (DGWT) at United States Disc Golf Championship in October 2015. Read more

Taking Disc Golf trophies to a new level

To take top 3 position at this highly competitive event, the players will need three things: passion, skill, and focus. We felt that it was only fitting to reward those qualities with trophies which required the same level of commitment. As a departure from the traditional trophies everyone is used to, at European Masters we are offering players a chance to win something that we hope they will truly cherish for the rest of their lives, not just as a token for an athletic achievement but as an object of beauty. Each trophy is an unique work of art, designed and hand made by glassblower Dylan Katz specially for this tournament. The trophies were designed to reflect the essence of the sport of disc golf, with their gracefully twisting forms they evoke the movement of a player launching a disc skilfully into the air. Who’s hands will they land in?

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Vivus joins the European Masters!


We’re very happy to announce the latest main partner of the European Masters 2014: Vivus.

Vivus is a rapidly growing small loan company that wishes to ease the everyday life of Finns and Swedes by providing them additional funds to fulfill their desires and dreams. Therefore, it is natural for Vivus to build a long-term cooperation with disc golf as it is one of fastest growing sports in the World. Read more

Waiting List Registration Open

The registration for European Masters is now open for a limited time. The registration closes on Tuesday, July 1st. During this time players can register to the waiting list of the tournament. The rating requirements for registration are the same as they were in registration phase 2: 950 for MPO players and 900 for FPO players. Read more